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Neville 47 Inbound


N39 abeam the US Naval Academy


N39, Beverlee Jane - At Launch


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Come visit the world of sophisticated steel boats.

A company that's different By Design...

The recognized techniques for developing a line of boats is well known.  The first goal is to find out what boaters are looking for.  Obviously media research or better still market surveys are the key.  The second goal is eliminating sales barriers.  That means developing a boat that offends nobody.


The problem with "they way it's always done" is that it rarely provides the best product.  It simply tries to cloud the fact with jargon and hype.


What's refreshing about Neville Trawlers is the fact that at the very beginning there was no intent to create a line of boats.  By definition, therefore, there were no marketing types, ad guys or financial gurus to tell us how it should be done.  What did happen was much more organic and, as a result, much more real.  Chuck Neville designed a simple classic trawler style yacht was for one knowledgeable yachtsman


In this case it was a 39-foot Trawler yacht designed for a Texas doctor in the early '90's.  It was a two-person boat for a couple with coastal and close distance cruising in mind.  For the owner the boat was a hit, but like many boat projects, did not move forward for many unrelated reasons. 


Fast forward to 1993.  Jeff Leishman was updating the classic bible of the trawler world, Voyaging Under Power, originally written by Capt. Robert Beebe. Jeff had met Chuck Neville (Charles Neville Associates) and solicited a design or two for that revised book.  Of the two designs Chuck submitted, one was the same 39 footer, a boat which soon appeared in the book labeled the Neville-39. 


Fast forward to 1997. A Duke University professor, who had loved the boat since he first saw it contacted Chuck Neville.  He became the impetus to finally develop the completed drawings for the development of the vessel.  Shortly thereafter the vessel began to take shape at Custom Steel Boats in Merritt, North Carolina.  Unfortunately personal tragedy for the owner slowed and threatened to derail the completion of the project.  It did not, however, though the construction process slowed.  As the boat reached completion, a second owner entered the picture.


It's now the year 2000. Another owner fell in love with the boat, but "just wanted it a bit bigger".  The Neville-39 grew into the Neville-47 with room for more accommodations and more creature comforts.  That boat reached completion, a second N-47 began construction.  At the same time the owner of Carol Marie, N-47-01, decided he really wanted a larger 56 foot trawler of similar design. 


The current line of boats was born: not out of strategy and planning, but because it consisted of boats people really wanted.  The boats we offer now in the Neville Trawler line are representative of that same philosophy.  We offer strong, sophisticated boats with a high level of finish that are, at the same time, elegantly uncomplicated.


We choose steel and aluminum construction because it is the best material available for the type of duty these boats will face. The combination of metal construction with the sophisticated coatings now available can offer both strength and elegance. See one in person, we're certain you'll be impressed. 


If you are looking for a boat that can cruise anywhere, or just up the coast, consider a Neville Trawler. If you are looking for an uncomplicated boat that is easy to understand but still featuring the creature comforts you and yours demand, consider a Neville Trawler. If you are looking for a boat with the durability to faithfully service both you and future owners for decades, consider a Neville Trawler.


We are convinced there are no better vessels inch for inch, or dollar for dollar than the boats available from Neville Trawlers. Each of our boats offers proven performance.  Still each can be outfitted to meet your own demanding needs. 


Give us a call so that we can tell you more about metal boats, and Neville Trawlers.



Neville Trawlers

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